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ORCA Report's Three Most Popular Uses

Golf course revenue management with ORCA is easy
Golf course management with the ORCA Report gives insight to golf industry statitsics
Golf industry statistics were never before accessible for golf courses, now they are with ORCA.

Take The Guesswork Out of Tee Time Pricing

ORCA is changing the way golf courses see their competitors data.

For the last 15 years, golf courses have been comparing rates on websites.  Why use the rate offered for unsold tee times on competitors website as ruler to price yours?  Why not use actual historical data from the same period last year instead?

  • Historical Day, DayPart, Rate Category
  • Your Occupancy % by Rate Category, Compared to Competitive Set
  • Your Average Rate, Compared to Competitive Set


Arm Yourself with Validated Competitive Data

Tired of not having independent competitive data to share with ownership?

The ORCA Report is helping managers share performance data more professionally by providing validated, anonymous, and blank performance KPI's, comparing you, to your competitive set and the market.

  • Self-Selected Competitive Set
  • Four KPI's, 4 Time Dimensions
  • Delivered Monthly


Manage Your 3rd Party Relationship with Clarity

ORCA will help you increase return

The ORCA Report clearly shows the details necessary for you to calculate a return on your investment with your 3rd Party Marketing partner.  Click here to see the details.

  • Paid Round to Barter Round Ratio
  • Barter Opportunity Cost
  • Paid Round and Barter Round Heat Maps

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