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ORCA Report - Coachella Valley Market

These 3 Things:

How does your course stack up?

  • Simple to participate
  • Your data is protected
  • Basic participation is free
ORCA REPORT golf industry report palm springs for golf industry statistics and golf revenue management

Why Golf Courses Need It

Help You Explain Performance

  • You can get the report for free.  Submit data receive a market level report that includes your course data.
  • Provide needed information to your boss or owner about rounds and revenue in the market.
  • Know exactly what your barter rounds cost you in opportunity revenue and learn strategies to reduce this cost.
  • Get trusted and confidential data directly from your tee sheet on your rounds, revenue and average rate.
  • Know exactly how and where your rounds are being booked.
  • Compare your course to others in your competitive set and know where you stand.
  • Price your rounds more efficiently for maximum yield.
  • Understand your rounds and revenue by days of the week and parts of each day.
  • Because you have many obligations each day, we make it easy to participate.  You simply export data from your system and all of this information is supplied to you.

ORCA Report- January 2016

As measured by RevPAR, the market dropped measurably as compared to June 2015.  What that means to you is that while your occupancy may have dipped you drove a higher rate which did not do enough to off-set the lower occupancy meaning green fee revenue was down compared to 2015 (June).  You booked about the same amount of rounds through 3rd Parties.

To help you better understand the definitions we use in our ORCA Reports, please visit our blog post here.

KPI Change - Year Over Year Δ


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Coachella Golf Course Partners

Who's In The Report?

Currently 11 courses in the Coachella Valley market contribute confidential information to produce The ORCA Report.  By contributing their data they are doing their part to help the market grow through better comparative benchmarking. 

Partial Sampling of Reporting Courses:

  • Desert Willow Golf Resort
  • Indian Wells Golf Resort
  • Marriotts Shadow Ridge
  • Escena Golf Club


To see a complete list of the courses participating in our report, which is up-to-date as of February 2017, please click the button below.

Golf industry report for golf revenue management and golf industry statistics

 ORCA Report: Trusted Data for the Golf Business 



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